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If you are interested in a dialogue about how CEPP branding can help strengthen your business, organisation or development project, please feel free to contact me.

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CEPP branding

Tvedvej 8, Oester Lindet 

DK-6630 Roedding

Office in a Tranquil Setting

CEPP branding is situated in beautiful and quiet surroundings that inspires creative thinking and new ideas. 

The office overlooks Stursboel Plantation with the Ancient Road passing through it. Another historical touch is that I am the third generation of Buhrkal’s residing here since 1953. Once a farm, now a cosy country house with office facilities, a nice  conference room and a forest for walk the talk sessions.

There are also many inspiring places for break out sessions in for instance a library, by a small lake or at a terrace overlooking  the garden.