Unlocking Brand Value

Build a stronger brand by reinforcing your strategic communication

Want to blend in

- or to stand out?

Need Help Strenghening Your Communication?

Would you like to improve your communication – and at the end of the day your bottom line – but are unsure how to do it?

As a trusted advisor and sparring partner, CEPP branding can help. 

Among services offered are to: 

What CEPP stands for

CEPP is an abbreviation of Corporate, Employer, Personal and Product branding. All four areas are closely interlinked and vital for strengthening and maintaining a strong reputation and image - and ultimately for increasing your profitability.

International change agent

I have extensive experience working in an international context for companies and organisations in various sectors. Depending on your needs, I can take on the role as strategic and technical advisor, project manager, facilitator, trainer and inspirer.

Keeping a sharp focus

CEPP branding makes sure that your branding and communication strategy supports your overall business strategy - and that you reach the right target audience with the right key message at the right time via the most effective media channels.

The CEPP Egg

– Branding With Purpose

CEPP branding stands for Corporate, Employer, Personal and Product branding.

All four areas are closely interlinked and vital for strengthening your reputation and brand, and ultimately increase your economic performance – or for development projects to successfully achieve the set objectives

In other words, CEPP are golden eggs – but only if you deliver on your brand promises.   

How to Strengthen Reputation and Brands

CEPP branding can conduct an audit of your current communication activities or a complete branding project from brand analysis, strategy and identity to implementation.

Communication for Sustainable Growth & Better Livelihoods

CEPP branding has extensive experience working on business, communication and advocacy projects in developing countries; especially on the African continent. 

Need Help Creating a Stronger Mind Space?

Customers are constantly exposed to new impressions, making it a challenge to create and keep a mind space for a product or a company. Ways of getting through are to:

Feedback on your current performance in these areas is part of a communication audit that CEPP branding can provide.

CEPP branding designed a new visual identity for a client where this was one out of six postcards used in the re-branding campaign. Other promotion materials were designed as well. The text says: “Time for development? Dive into our course cataloque”.