The CEPP egg - Branding with purpose

CEPP branding stands for corporate, employer, personal and product branding. All four areas are closely interlinked and vital for strengthening your reputation and brand, and ultimately increase your economic performance – or for development projects to successfully achieve the set objectives

In other words, CEPP are golden eggs but only if you deliver on your brand promises.   

Thoughts behind the egg
All branding and communication activities must support your strategic platform; that is your vision, mission and core values. Therefore, they are placed at the top of the egg and surrounding all four branding areas.  

The circle illustrates that corporate, employer, personal and product branding are closely interlinked and that your performance in one area will impact the others. For instance, poor job satisfaction among employees will most likely reflect negatively on the product quality and the management. This will hurt your brand as well as your bottom line.

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Mapping your current performance

Are you aware whether your communication activities within all four branding areas support your overall vision, mission and core values? If no, you are like a ship navigating without a sail. 

An important starting point for any strategic process is to map where you are today in order to find out where to go and how to get there. Maybe you have a strong brand position for your product but need to position your CEO even better – or vice versa. 

CEPP branding can map your performance as a single assignment or as part of an entire branding project.

Take the famous helicopter ride

Often it is worthwhile jumping on an imaginary helicopter to see things from a broader and different perspective. Besides gaining insight into the state of business, it can inspire creative thinking and new ideas. At the same time, it is a great exercise for building stronger teams.  

If you need an external partner to support you on the journey, CEPP branding has facilitated several strategic processes as a natural part of the branding projects.