The Branding Process

Steps in the branding process are to conduct a brand analysis, develop a brand strategy, design a brand identity, create communication touch points and finally to implement, monitor and evaluate the strategy and communication activities. 

In other words, the road to building a solid brand requires a combination of research, strategic thinking, project management and creativity. 

CEPP branding can facilitate the entire process or part of it. The scope and content will be tailored to your situation and needs.

1. Conduct Brand Analysis

Audit of the strategic platform and communication materials. Conduct a survey of how the brand is perceived, a situational analysis and other relevant research. All to map the starting point of your branding journey. 


2. Develop Brand Strategy

Define key communication elements such as goals, stakeholders and messages. Clarify how you want to be perceived, the brand architecture and, if need be, create a new or revised logo, name and tagline.

3. Design Brand Identity

Here we create the new visual identity and develop a design guide containing guidelines for how to use the logo, a colour scheme, fonts, language, image style, design and layout of templates, co-branding etc. 


4. Create Touch Points

The communication strategy is finalised and an operational communication plan is prepared. Touch points such as a website, publications, social media platfoms, templates and an image bank are developed. 


5. Implementation/M&E

Develop and execute a plan for launching the new brand, and  implement the communication strategy and plan. Currently monitor and evaluate activities for improvements and ways to achieve maximum impact.